Bell Museum Social: Light


The winter solstice— and, hence, the beginning of longer days—is still a few weeks off, but artist Ali Momeni has put together a show in anticipation of our (for good pagans, anyway) annual marking of the sun's return and extra moments of light. Momeni's Light, the second of four "edifying entertainments" offered as part of the Bell Museum Social this year and next, transforms the museum's historic dioramas with visual illumination and aural enhancements. Momeni, an art history professor at the U, will join other experts in talking about the art and science of light. Frank Barnwell, a retired U of M biology professor, will connect the circadian rhythms of shore crabs with our own winter mood swings. Last seen on Northrop Mall capturing the faces of passersby on camera, then projecting the eyes of his quarry onto Northrop's facade, Momeni's work often includes a participatory element. Here, the inspired are invited to fashion light and magic in a vintage photo booth. (Photo by Katie Cannon)
Thu., Dec. 9, 7 p.m., 2010

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