Bedouin Soundclash

Though time and again they are labeled "reggae" (a label less desirable than "puppy kicker" to many), Toronto natives Bedouin Soundclash actually draw from the genre in palatable portions, much as the Police and the Clash did. In this case, the final product is a slew of semi-dreamy, hook-laden pop songs about love, sin, peace, and the struggle to be a good person. The songs of Street Gospels are rooted in both the present and our bearded, singer/songwriter past of the 1970s, though because these boys have a much brighter outlook than guys like Terry Jacks and Jim Croce ever did, they seem much more fun to dance to. Ultimately, there are no huge revelations or out-of-left-field surprises—but blissed-out, feel-good pop music is rarely well served by such things. All ages.
Tue., Feb. 19, 6 p.m., 2008


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