Bebel Gilberto


Although she has sung since childhood and royal Brazilian musical blood flows through her veins, Bebel Gilberto only found her distinctive expression when she began merging the seductive grooves of bossa nova and samba with cutting-edge European pop and electronica. Daughter of iconic bossa nova guitarist João Gilberto and heralded Brazilian singer Miúcha, Bebel already sang with a sly, breezy charm that sparkled like the waves at Ipanema. Subtle electronica elements and crafty, innovative production—initially courtesy of the late Suba—gave Bebel's music focus and definition. Her latest, All in One, is a beguiling collection mostly about love, neatly weaving multiple threads that tie into her musical heritage. Working with a variety of producers, including Carlinhos Brown, Mark Ronson, and Didi Gutman, Bebel covers her father's "Bim Bom" in a sinuous vocal duet with Daniel Jobim (grandson of Antonio Carlos Jobim), Bob Marley's "Sun Is Shining" as if he were from Bahia, Stevie Wonder via a song recorded by Sergio Mendes ("The Real Thing"), and even Carmen Miranda's "Chica Chica Boom Chic" in a playfully surreal, carnavalesque romp lush with sultry electronics jouncing alongside cuicas and cavaquinhos. Bebel's originals, meanwhile, range from the intimate chamber pop of "Port Antonio" to the exquisite "Ela (On My Way)" (co-written with Brown), which simultaneously sways, glides and simmers with effervescent joy. (Photo by Leena Hernesniemi)
Thu., Dec. 3, 7 p.m., 2009

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