'Bear'ly Open Golf Tournament

Winter can be an itchy time for the avid golfer. While most sports allow you to play throughout the year with minor adjustments for the weather, golf is one of those athletic hobbies that is very much season-dependent. So, for those of you counting the days before that putter is back into your hands, I have an event for you. The 'Bear'ly Open Golf Tournament is affiliated with the St. Paul Winter Carnival, and features golf on a frozen lake. That's right, choose between two nine-hole courses and golf your little heart out. Those fearful of freezing can take a break in the warming tents, which will feature hot air and local food vendors. All proceeds benefit White Bear Lake Emergency Foodshelves. Check out www.explorewhitebear.org for more info.
Sat., Jan. 24, 11 a.m., 2009

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