Beach House

Virtually from their inception, Baltimore duo Beach House distilled their music into a hazy, shimmering darkness of near-perfection. Like the tunes of an old windup music box, their notes chimed forth in a warm, delicate warble, analog dreams that crackled and hissed with the quivers of new love, tinged by the remembrances of heartaches past. Their sound was of such a complete and self-contained beauty that it seemed impossible the band could ever improve upon it. Yet Victoria Legrand—the niece of French composer, Michel Legrand—and Alex Scally did just that by blowing up that sound on their third full-length, January's Teen Dream. Recorded in a converted church, the music on Teen Dream reaches further for its influences, bursting forth with a newfound assertiveness and unbridled lushness that match the grandeur of Legrand's dusky vocals. The results are as gorgeous as ever, but now more resonant, more passionate, and utterly breathtaking. With Bachelorette. All ages. (Photo by Paulo Dourado)
Sun., April 4, 7 p.m., 2010

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