Bawdy Blue: A Burlesque Revue

While it's nice that the snow has finally melted away, tonight's springtime edition of Bawdy Blue will be celebrating a different kind of green. In honor of 4/20, the highest of high holidays for stoners, the burlesque troupe has put together a special evening filled with performances that will send sparks flying in more ways than one. Led by Poppy Raucous, randy numbers will include a tribute to Cheech and Chong, skits on medical marijuana legislation, and a few visits from the "Green Fairy" (a.k.a. the infamous muse of absinthe drinkers). Music will be provided by Saltee, a group composed of speed-rapper Carnage, cellist Jacquelin Ultan, and blues guitarist Mike Michel, in addition to dark electronica from Fische. National Poetry Slam Champion Sam Cook will also be on hand to throw down some kind words on his love of bud.
Wed., April 20, 9 p.m., 2011

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