Bawdy Blue: A Burlesque Revue

A new burlesque revue called Bawdy Blue is going to shake things up at the Bryant-Lake Bowl this Thursday. Chelsea Wren Hanvy, a.k.a. Poppy Raucos, formed the group four months ago. "I've always been attracted to the cleverness of old-school burlesque," Hanvy stated. "It gives the power to the woman, who may or may not allow you to see some skin. I think the tease is a very powerful thing." After getting shut down for their first performance (in a venue which Hanvy says shall remain nameless) they're back. The lineup includes sexy bike maintenance, a fan dance, a visit from a few dancing horror-movie villains, vaudevillian snake-oil salesmen, a Tarantino number, an "educational" piece, and a hula-hooping routine by ZiZi Topless. The MCs for the show, who both competed in this year's National Poetry Slam, are poets Wonder Dave (from SlamMN) and Shane Hawley (from St. Paul's Soap Boxing Poetry Slam, who won the nationals). Also fresh from NPS are two ladies from Punch Out Poetry (POP), an all-women's slam: Ruth S. Kohtz, and Alice Shindelar, who will perform her erotic poem "Lolita's Revenge." Additional performers include Naughtia Noir, Paradox, La Petite Angelique, Fonda Slink, Yvonne La Cunt, Tex Rex, and Louisiana Slim.
Thu., Sept. 2, 9 p.m., 2010

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