Bastille Day Celebration

Historians now agree that the legendary storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1798—the event that kicked the French Revolution into gear—really wasn't the grand event it is made out to be in lore. French masses stormed the heavily fortified Bastille prison, believing it held political dissidents and that taking it over would make a strong statement. Turns out there were only seven prisoners in captivity at the time, and none were, shall we say, very politically important. Yet, even without freeing political enemies of the state, the action did end up making a profound statement, and made the French Revolution legit. To commemorate the big day Barbette, local peddler of French-themed bistro food and pub fare, will play host to a flea market and serve organic food and beverages made largely from locally grown produce. There will also be live music from groups Les Sans Culottes; Halloween, Alaska; Romantica; Sims from Doomtree; the Idle Hands; and Yid Vicious, as well as street entertainment and performances with Foxy Tann, North Star Roller Girls, Live Action Set, and aerialist Jim Domenick, among others. So, is delicious food and drink on a sunny afternoon in Uptown the best way to celebrate the beginning of France's long and blood-soaked slog to democracy? Oui, oui! For more info visit
Sun., July 12, 4-10 p.m., 2009

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