Baron Vaughn Image courtesy the standup


Baron Vaughn

Oct. 19
8 p.m.

Baron Vaughn trained as a classical actor and has quite an expansive thespian résumé, having appeared in multiple TV shows and movies. He’s currently a series regular on the Netflix series Grace & Frankie, as well as the voice of Tom Servo on the revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He’s also an accomplished standup comic. “I’m an adult,” he tells an audience, “so I’m just now accepting the fact that I’ll never have super powers. And that ruined all of my plans. It was: get super powers, then fix my credit.” He’s discovered something else as he’s gotten older: “My weakness is really old, black, southern women who go to church three or four times a week,” he explains. “I will do literally anything they ask me to do. Especially if they call me ‘sugar.’ If an old black woman says to me, ‘Excuse me sugar.’ I think, ‘Well, I am sweet. How can I be of assistance?’” This show is part of the 10,000 Laughs Festival.