Barhopping: Town Talk Diner

Town Talk Diner, with its brightly lit sign recalling a '50s movie theater, offers classic diner food, fair-inspired food, and fancy meat dishes all on one menu. The shakes and malts are hardly the stuff of kiddie drinks and more innocent times: An Irish float is sweetly boozy with its pour of Guinness beer and vanilla ice cream. There's alcoholic German chocolate cake, and even a beverage with a dash of Trix cereal. Does it all sound a little too sweet for your taste? Their cocktail menu also offers up classic drinks like Manhattans, vodka and gin fizzes, and even an old fashioned—drinks that showcase the alcohol they contain rather than mask them with modern ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup. Still a little too fancy? They also have a variety of 40s, including Schlitz, Mickey's, and Miller High Life. Hungry? The menu includes fun appetizers like fried pickles with mustard sauce, fries that can give McDonald's a run for their money, and entrées like tasty grilled cheese made with gruyere and cheddar, smoked trout salad, and a pulled pork sandwich.
Starts: May 6. Daily, 2009

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