Bakken Evening Out

Before you head to the Bakken's monthly date night, Bakken Evening Out, read this cheat sheet for the museum's latest acquisition, a game called Mindball. The object of the game is simple: Two players sit on opposite sides of a table and wear headbands that read their brainwaves and put them up on a screen for all to see, and control a little ball. Players try to push the ball into their opponent's goal. Okay, it's really not that simple. But here's how to win: You must relax. Find Zen in competition. Yes, it's antithetical to the concept of competition, but Mindball, as the manufacturer's website notes, is a contest to see who can be most the relaxed and decrease their alpha and theta brain waves. Maybe throw down a glass of the complimentary wine before taking to the battlefield. Also at this week's Evening Out will be local artists hawking their crafts, and the always popular "hair-raising photo booth."
Second Tuesday of every month, 5-8 p.m., 2008

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