Bad Boy Bill

A decade before Daft Punk dressed the club scene in jean jackets and Chuck Taylors, Bad Boy Bill, hard house's elder statesman, was spinning Moroder synth on six turntables and pushing a crossfader with his penis. Daft Punk's tsunami may have withdrawn once more to the sea, but here's trusty Bill, nobly reanimating the corpses it left behind. If you ever scorned a DJ by crumpling up his flyer on your way out of Too Much Love, you have 3B to thank—Chicago native William Renkosik authored the mad lib career path that has been diligently filled out by every superstar DJ that ever ascended from warehouses to...well, other warehouses. With an outpouring of mixes spanning 20-plus years, Bad Boy Bill is the godfather of the biggest musical trend ever to leap national consciousness in a single bound. Don't call it a comeback—I'm told he's been here for years. 18+.
Fri., April 4, 10 p.m., 2008

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