Baby Dee

Baby Dee's biography is about as colorful as it gets. A transgender songstress, she has served as a music director for a Catholic church in the Bronx, joined the circus as a bilateral hermaphrodite at Coney Island, and traveled to Europe as part of the Kamikaze Freak Show. Yet Dee, for all her bawdy backstory, is above all a uniquely gifted musician, a classically trained harpist who is equally adept at playing tunes on an accordion. Most distinctive is her voice, an aching, supernatural instrument that quivers and bellows with a fragile beauty reminiscent of Antony Hegarty. Such talents have brought Dee into collaboration with artists as far-ranging as Will Oldham and Andrew W.K., but when she opened for the Books last fall her performance was something of a shock. While her name may be a little more familiar this time around, the overall effect is unlikely to be much changed. With Dreamland Faces. All ages. (Photo by Jim Newberry)
Mon., April 19, 7 p.m., 2010

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