B-Side Players; Salvador Santana; Cipes & the People

Ignited by a blaze of funky horns, a complexity of rhythms zeroing in from the hottest corners of the globe, and a cascade of rapid-fire lyrics spouting a revolutionary call to world harmony, the B-Side Players single-handedly define the often-fuzzy idea of world beat. The southern California-based nine-piece concocts a scorching amalgamation of music originating in places like Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Africa, and Brazil; kicks up the spice quotient to habanero-level; and then dives into a lush paradise sporting son, reggae, cumbia, samba, funk, hip hop, rock, and dozens more. Meanwhile, Karlos Paez's lead vocals soar with the passion and timbre of Bob Marley. The B-Siders' latest, Fire in the Youth (Concord Picante), has a strong folkloric element as well, thanks to the participation of Quetzal Flores, leader of the trad Mexican-influenced L.A. band Quetzal. A pair of bands with releases due later this year will open: the Salvador Santana Band, which juggles Latin, rock, jazz, and myriad other idioms and is led by Carlos Santana's keyboardist/vocalist/composer son; and Cipes and the People, which mixes reggae, hip hop, and rock. 18+.
Sun., Sept. 16, 8 p.m.

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