Isabela Cruz, 'Yaku'


AYA: Isabela Cruz

July 8
5-8 p.m.
Art, Fashion and Style, Galleries

Isabela Cruz’s art isn’t just meant to be hung on a wall; it’s also wearable. The Minneapolis-based designer and MCAD graduate shares patterns printed on 36” x 36” silk scarves in her exhibition, “Aya,” opening Saturday at Showroom. The title of the event was inspired by an origin story from the indigenous Otavalo culture, which is known for its rich textiles. The creation legend states that Pachamama (Mother Earth) gave birth to everything in existence. Aya is the soul in every living being. Cruz then incorporated the vital elements of life—fire, water, air, earth, and spirit—into her 20 patterns. In addition to visual appeal and reverence for nature, Cruz aims to make art that is both useful and sustainable. The scarves’ colors come from water-based pigments, and are printed on vegan-friendly poly chiffon fabric. For the patterns, Cruz looked to Minnesota’s landscape and climate, both of which are vastly different from that of her hometown just outside of Quito, Ecuador.