Awesome Snakes

One might wonder just how many songs about snakes two dopes can write. The answer is quite surprising. From "I Want a Snake" to "The Future of the Snake Industry," Awesome Snakes might as well be herpetologists. Herpetologists, for the unschooled, are professionals who study snakes. But I know what you're thinking. And it's true: Awesome Snakes are like herpes—and they will ravage your groin like punk-rock sexual predators. Ouch. I mean, "Oooh." Annie Awesome and Danny Snakes, both formerly of the Soviettes, attack venom-style with fuzzed-out, stripped-down poison fluid, showing their fangs while ripping through nasally vocals and cheerleading choruses. Can I get an "S?" Can I get an "N?" Oh, whatever. Just go to their show. But don't forget your protective snake gear—because if one of those fuckers doesn't bite you, someone else will. With Red Pens, Strut and Shock, and Box Thieves. 21+.
Sat., March 14, 9 p.m., 2009

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