Avril Lavigne

Canadian Business magazine's seventh most powerful Canadian in Hollywood brings the teenage rampage back to Minnesota in support of her third album, The Best Damn Thing. Between that appellation and more than 30 million units moved, she's more or less immune to snark on an aesthetic level, so I'll say this: Does anyone else identify with her villains? From the poor ballet girl of "Sk8ter Boi" to the dispatched rival inamorata of "Girlfriend," the Avril character has stomped on some sweet, undeserving faces in her time. She is "the motherfucking princess;" is it all an exposé of the prerogatives of rulership in our increasingly royalist age? When will this reign of terror end? During the ballads, that's when! Things are always going wrong in those—all that intra-gender neck breaking and all she gets are dudes who break her heart three songs later. The system is broken! Vote for change!
Thu., March 20, 2008


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