Atlantis Quartet

Sept. 15
9 p.m.

In 10 years, the Atlantis Quartet has achieved some significant milestones. First has been simply staying intact as a working jazz band. Guitarist Zacc Harris, bassist Chris Bates, saxophonist Brandon Wozniak, and drummer Pete Hennig are all busy elsewhere, but they consistently soar to new heights when collaborating as Atlantis. Leading to two: In the creatively thriving Twin Cities jazz scene, Atlantis is arguably the cream of the modern-jazz crop, combining superior musicianship, keen understanding of jazz’s myriad roots, and an abundance of fresh ideas. To mark that decade together, the quartet will play two nights at Vieux Carré, symbolically returning home to the former site of the Artists’ Quarter, where the band played most often. Coinciding with the gigs will be the release ofAtlantis Quartet: X, a digital anthology that will include all four Atlantis albums, previously unreleased bonus tracks, enhanced liner notes, and sheet music. Shortly afterward, the quartet will head into the studio to record their fifth album, due out next year.