Asphalt Showdown

If you missed last month's Soundset 08, here's a chance to redeem yourself. This Saturday's mini-incarnation will be reminiscent of the recent hip-hop showcase-slash-blowout right down to its cuddly concrete confines. Doomtree wunderkind Dessa will showcase the evening's events, reaching outside the close-knit Doomtree circle to rhyme with members of "St. Paul's Pride": Heiruspecs. For the uninitiated, Dessa has the uninterruptible voice of a snappier, sassier Erykah Badu, matched by lyrics that out-feisty M.I.A. Maybe we'll get a preview of Doomtree's upcoming release. Hey, there might even be some crunk involved. Jimmy2Times & Plain Ole Bill, Active Ingredients, DJ Abilities, and Heatbox will also be on hand. 18+.
Sat., June 28, 4 p.m., 2008

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