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Asif Ali

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“I grew up in Arizona, which I don’t recommend if you look like me,” says comedian Asif Ali, whose family is Indian. “I didn’t realize I wasn’t Mexican until I was 15. Not a good time to figure out who you are. I was bummed. I had my quinceañera planned and everything.” Growing up in the Grand Canyon State, Ali was exposed to a lot of people who loved firearms. “‘You gotta have a gun, ’cuz the government is going to take your shit,’” he says, imitating one of his father’s friends. “How come the people who are scared of the government taking their shit don’t have anything worth taking? ‘I have this Die Hard boxed set.’” In addition to doing standup, Ali has been a series regular on Wrecked and Mr. Robinson, and has also appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.DArrested Development, and Modern Family.