'Let the Crows Come,' featuring Ashwini Ramaswamy Ed Bock


Ashwini Ramaswamy: Let the Crows Come

Daily from Nov. 8-9
8 p.m.

Crows play a major role in Hinduism by giving the spirits of the past dynamic life. Ashwini Ramaswamy’s new trio, “Let the Crows Come,” revives the ancient Indian dance form of Bharatanatyam by filtering it through the bodies and artistry of dancers from wildly diverse traditions. Beginning with a classic Bharatanatyam solo for herself, Ramaswamy chose two remarkable performers to riff on it with her. The collaboration with Afro-Caribbean- and Ailey-trained Alanna Morris Van-Tassel amplifies the intricate gestural language of Bharatanatyam into full-bodied movement. With gaga-trained Berit Ahlgren, Ramaswamy takes inspiration from a slow-motion video of her solo played in reverse. Finally she weaves these solos together to live music that remixes Carnatic classical and Western forms. The show is commissioned and presented by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music series.