ARTmn 2009: The Precious Object

Fourteen artists from across Minnesota come together for this kickoff exhibit for's ARTmn series, which will help introduce Minnesota artists to the general public. "The Precious Object" is a competitive show, and the artists were chosen from more than 300 entrants. The theme of the exhibit could use a bit of focus, but the artists' work generally falls into the meticulously handcrafted, assemblage, and nature-based categories. Liz Miller, for example, splashes wildly colorful, exuberant, kaleidoscopic designs across gallery walls, floors, and ceilings in her installation pieces. Karl Unnasch creates delicate, fanciful, nature-based sculptures and landscape dioramas out of found objects and even desiccated animal carcasses (which can be oddly charming, in their way). And Sam Spiczka is known for his large sculptures that are reminiscent of stylized fossil bones. It's a terrific introduction to a few of the state's most accomplished, craftsmanlike artists.
Sept. 18-Nov. 30, 2009

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