Art Up-Cycle: The Exhibition

Every Sat. from June 18-July 16
12-4 p.m.
July 7
5-9 p.m.
Art, Galleries
Last winter, folks were invited to bring in their unwanted artworks — be they landscapes, portraits, photographs, textiles, or stitch work — in exchange for one dollar. Now these pieces have been transformed for Kolman & Pryor Gallery's latest show. Eight artists were selected to participate, including owner Patrick K. Pryor, plus local talents Jodi Reeb, Jim Dryden, Erik Benson, Nathanael Flink, Laura Hallen, James Holmberg, and Carolyn Swiszcz. Each selected three to four pieces to enhance, bringing their personal approach and perspective to the pre-existing work. Pryor is applying his abstract style to sunset photography, as well as adding mechanical sounds to pieces. Benson has contributed a bit of humor, adding graffiti and neon-pink elements to subdued landscape paintings. Holmberg has created his own oil paintings on top of another artist's oil painting. See what everyone has been up to at the opening reception, which will include a few unaltered pieces as well.