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Arj Barker

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After the election, many people toyed with the idea of moving overseas. Arj Barker, a California native, has lived in Australia for about a decade. But he’s not sure he’d recommend being an expatriate to everyone. “Every situation is different,” he says. “It might be right for some people but I wouldn’t make a blanket recommendation on changing your whole life.” Indeed, Barker didn’t turn his back on America so much as he was embraced by Australia. “It just made sense for me.” He comes back to the U.S. once a year, mostly to visit family and friends. However, he also takes the opportunity to play some of his favorite clubs here, including Acme. “I talk about married life a little,” he says, “and how we’re lying to an entire generation of kids by telling them that they’re special.” He also talks about how technology is making us more entitled and demanding. “It’s also killing our ability to think critically.” To that end, he’s thinking of making changes in his own life. “They’re coming out with phones now that don’t do as much. I’m thinking of getting one of those so I’m not wasting so much time.” 18+.