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Arj Barker

Daily from Aug. 1-5
8 p.m.
Daily from Aug. 4-5
10:30 p.m.

“I started a DIY channel on YouTube,” Arj Barker reports. “I decided to learn how to work with wood, and I thought I might as well film it and make use of it. It’s called Do It Myself.” Not a straight-on parody, like Henry Phillips’ cooking videos, Barker says the humor in his series just flows naturally out of his attempt to complete a given project. “Ultimately, I’m far from an expert, and don’t know what I’m doing,” he adds. “I pretend I’m an expert, and sometimes I’ll flat out admit I’m not.” Most episodes are shot around his house in Australia, where he’ll return at the end of this tour. “I always want to make time for my favorite clubs, and Acme is certainly one of those,” he says, “that’s why I’m delighted to have my final week in the United States be spent with you guys.” Barker is currently developing a new hour. “I’m documenting the downside of all the technology we have. Sometimes I’ll mention the perks, but that’s the thesis.” It seems the more automated we are, the less we’re part of the equation. At least, that’s what Barker has noticed. “It’s all comedy and laughs, No. 1,” he assures. “I’m not trying to save the world, I just like to comment on it.” 18+.