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Argonautika is a particularly inspired choice for a collaboration between the Guthrie Theater and the senior class of the BFA actor training program at University of Minnesota. Penned by acclaimed playwright Mary Zimmerman, the piece is a revitalized telling of Jason and the Argonauts, a tale with Greek mythological roots that follows intrepid heroes on their quest to obtain the fabled Golden Fleece. Zimmerman’s text manages to infuse the superhuman deeds with mortal gravitas, crafting a tale rife with the action of a seafaring adventure (including encounters with nymphs, furies, harpies, and other monstrosities). Still, she makes time to humanize the flawed central figures; an exceptionally sympathetic take on Madea increases the tragedy of her fate. Conjuring this fantastic mythology will be director Joel Sass, an artist whose sensibilities have long transformed stages into otherworldly realms. Argonautika looks to be an enchanting debut for the latest generation of performers setting forth on their own lifelong odyssey.