"Aragti Wadaag" Tariq Tarey, illustration by Amani M


Aragti Wadaag

Daily from Sept. 1-30
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Soomaal House of Art is at it again, hosting its third-annual exhibition highlighting the talents of Somali artists here in the Twin Cities and around the world. Titled “Aragti Wadaag,” which means “shared vision,” the show features work by 12 artists: six from the U.S., two from the U.K., one from Canada, and one from Sweden. They’ll be showing their pieces in at the Darul Quba Cultural Center, a mosque located in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. The collection includes drawings, photography, collage, painting, graphic design, poetry, illustrations, and installations made from metal, concrete, and wood. The reception this Saturday, September 8, features a tour of the exhibit, poetry readings, and a discussion with the artists from 5 to 8 p.m.