With Pennzoil-slick punk production and political sensibilities that seem informed by irate high-schoolers copping a drag on cigarettes outside Cosmic Charlie's, Pittsburgh power-punks Anti-Flag seem hell bent on making themselves an easy target for the knuckle-tattoo set who still remembers seeing Minor Threat at the Entry. But however skin-deep you find their political stances, they have focused the frustrations of the nation's adolescents into political outrage, and they keep their fans thinking hard enough to scan the front page of the Wall Street Journal on their way to the Wedge. So what if you've grown up? Remember when a band actually made you take your fist out of your pocket and put it in the air? Sure you do. So be a sport and don't spoil the fun. With Street Dogs, the Briggs, and Fake Problems.
Tue., April 15, 5 p.m., 2008

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