Anni Rossi

Chicago singer and viola player Anni Rossi recorded Rockwell, her full-length debut on 4AD, in a single day with Steve Albini, and at first it appears to have the whimsy and slightness of something that might blow away. Yet her songs, augmented here and there by drums and cello, feel more deeply dreamed on further listening, and autobiographical in the case of "The West Coast," which describes being "on a road trip that turns into going home." Classically trained from a childhood in Scandia, Minnesota, this 2003 graduate of Perpich Arts High School in Golden Valley moved to Los Angeles, then Chicago. She has retained a child's wisdom that stringed instruments are meant to be plucked or slapped, and as a singer she flits octaves with virtuosic exactness, but also a feel for drone and off-key tones. She's a talent to watch closely as her trip continues. With I, Colossus and Best Friends Forever. All ages.
Thu., March 5, 7 p.m., 2009

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