Courtesy of the artist; Anton Kern Gallery, New York; Galerie Neu, Berlin; The Modern Institute/ Toby Webster Ltd., Glasgow; Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles © Anne Collier. Anne Collier, Selected slide from Women with Cameras (Self Portrait), 2017, 35mm slides, 35mm slide projector, pedestal stand, and base, dimensions variable.


Anne Collier: Women with Cameras (Self Portrait)

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As long as cameras have been in existence, so too have self-portraits. In the pre-smartphone era, self-portraits required film and often a mirror. These snapshots were typically taken behind closed doors, were developed in dark rooms or photo labs, and were meant for private viewing. New York-based photographer Anne Collier exposes the art of the old-school self-portrait in “Women with Cameras,” opening this Thursday at Mia. Collier has amassed a collection of women’s self-portraits found at flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales, and eBay. She shares 80 of the untouched selfies spanning from the 1970s to the early 2000s in slideshow form at this exhibition. The Photoshop-free images are relics of women attempting to create an idealized self while dressed in dated fashions or lingerie, surrounded by furniture and wall art that place them in a specific cultural place and time. The photographs are offered without comment or context, leaving viewers wondering what the shutterbugs’ motivations were for taking the photographs, and if they were satisfied with their captures.