Ani DiFranco

Road warrior Ani Difranco has been touring nearly nonstop since she began playing in bars when she was too young to drink—taking brief respites only to record (19 albums in 17 years), and, this past January, to give birth to a baby girl. A true chameleon, Difranco changes physically, sexually, and artistically right before our eyes—seamlessly segueing from dreadlocks to Mohawks, girls to boys, singer-songwriter to producer, poet, and activist. This recent spate of tour dates supports Canon, a two-volume CD retrospective that chronicles her prolific career and showcases the versatility that has made her a heroine amongst ardent folkies, angst-filled teens, and social justice advocates. Consistent throughout all her recordings is an authenticity that defines the defiant Difranco as a captivating performer who uses her rhythmically cadent voice and guitar-picking prowess to express equal doses of confidence and vulnerability, hope and despair. With Melissa Ferrick.
Fri., Sept. 21, 8 p.m., 2007

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