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Andy Kindler

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Andy Kindler recently delivered his annual State of the Industry address at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. Among the trends he’s noticed, even beyond the comedy industry, is the concept of boot camps. “I went to a boot camp boot camp,” he says from his home in Los Angeles, “to learn to make boots.” He then observes, “The start of my jokes is always better than the ending and it makes it exciting.” When not onstage, Kindler is famously on social media going toe to toe with conservatives (mostly Trump supporters) as well as atheists. The president gets quite a bit of his attention. “I didn’t think I’d like that guy,” he says, “but I love his tweeting. You have to give it to him.” He then gets serious for a moment. “I hope he’s gone soon. I really feel like this is not funny anymore.” He then adds, “I’ve tried to [act more mature] on Twitter, but it’s not working.”