Andy Kindler

Daily from July 15-16
10:30 p.m.
Daily from July 12-16
8 p.m.
If Andy Kindler isn't onstage, chances are he's involved in a Twitter dustup with the actor James Woods or presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump. "I know Richard Dawkins has blocked me," he says. "William Shatner blocked me. Kathy Griffin blocked me. I expect people to block me." But it's not all 140-character sniping for Andy Kindler. He regularly turns up on Maron on IFC as well as on Bob's Burgers, on which he voices Mort. He is also the host of seasons four and five of Hulu's standup series Coming to the Stage. In addition to all those gigs, he is scheduled to once again deliver the State of the Industry address at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. His speech is always one of the most talked about parts of the entire gathering. Back in California, he's working on a kinder, gentler project. "I'm still shopping around this kids' court show, which I love," he adds. "I want to be America's new Art Linkletter."