Andy Hendrickson

"I thought I was going to be an advertising hot shot," says comedian Andy Hendrickson. "I majored in advertising. I wanted to be the guy that came up with funny ads." He hasn't completely abandoned that idea, though. "Right now I'm submitting an ad for Dorito's Crash the Super Bowl contest." He was working on the project with another comedian, as well as a cameraman/editor, but lately he has been the only one available. "I'm taking the reins," he says. "Although I now realize I have too much story to tell, so it's going to be one of these commercials with a lot of multiple cuts." It's that kind of drive that has made Hendrickson a national headliner. When he first started performing, he took a standup comedy class in Atlanta. His work ethic wasn't what it is today, so he ended up doing a less-than-stellar set halfway through the course. "Housewives were getting bigger laughs than me," he recalls. "I was like, 'I know I'm funnier than any of these people.' I was so mad at myself. After embarrassing myself, I decided I was going to be the best in the class." For five weeks straight he did nothing but write jokes. "After graduation, it springboarded me. I did that set in front of a regular audience the [night after the graduation show], and it still went pretty good. Of course I've died a million times since then. You never know when the next bomb is around the corner." Nowadays, however, those are few and far between for Hendrickson.
Nov. 21-25, 8 p.m.; Nov. 23-24, 10:30 p.m., 2012

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