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Andy Erikson

Daily from June 26-30
8 p.m.
Daily from June 29-30
10:30 p.m.

If you’re comedian Andy Erikson, the only thing better than coming back and headlining your hometown club is doing that gig with a friend. “My friends dragged me out to a comedy show, and one of the comedians was Andy,” explains Joleen Lunzer, who will feature for Erikson at Acme. “I just loved what she brought to the stage and she was so funny and full of life.” The two have since become best mates, and both live in Los Angeles where they work on, among other projects, the Deal With It podcast. “[The show] is a seriously funny conversation about mental and physical health conditions,” says Lunzer, who draws on her background with mental health issues while Erikson discusses her struggles with Marfan Syndrome, a condition that affects the body’s connective tissue as well as the heart. “It’s been really cool to have people reach out and say, ‘I never knew anyone else that has Marfan Syndrome,’” adds Erikson. “And then you find you have all these similar experiences.” She also discusses that condition onstage. “I also talk about being awkward and different and have different stories about just trying to be myself.” 18+.