Andy Erikson

Daily from Nov. 22-23
8 p.m.
Daily from Nov. 25-26
8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Even before gaining national exposure on Last Comic Standing, Andy Erikson was an established standup, working first in the Twin Cities before moving out to Los Angeles. “I started my own show, which is really good to do,” she says, “and I had so many friends I was able to get on shows and keep doing my thing.” Her Midwestern sensibility, quirky demeanor, and unusual delivery were well-received on the West Coast. “People like weird people here in L.A.,” she notes. “Alternative comedy does pretty good out here. You have good sets and bad sets everywhere, but people in L.A. seem to like unicorns and squirrels, so that’s cool in my book.” Her affinity for unicorns and squirrels stretches back to her childhood. “Growing up, I was drawn to childlike things,” she says. “I read a lot of anime books, and was really drawn to wizards and squirrels. I would go over to my friend’s house and she would stay in her room and read and I would play with the littler kids, Pokemon and video games. I thought it was more fun to be silly.” And though they are listed prominently on her website, she doesn’t really have any jokes about unicorns and squirrels. “I think I have one,” she says. “Maybe it’s too personal to talk about.”