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Andrew Rivers

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Even though he had comedy in his blood, Andrew Rivers was a bit slow to figure out he was funny. The son of radio legend Bob Rivers (of Twisted Christmas fame), he was pretty much like any other teen in his Seattle-area high school. “When you’re a kid you just try a hundred different things and see which one sticks.” When Rivers and his friends started making funny videos for the school’s TV channel, fellow students responded positively. “People would stop me in the halls and would say, ‘Hey, funny video!’ And I thought, ‘Oh, that’s one way to get attention.’” He didn’t pursue comedy right after graduation, though. “In high school, the counselors don’t say, ‘You can be a firefighter or you can be a comedian.’” Instead, he began a career in marketing, and enjoyed success until the 2008 financial crash. “I got laid off. There were no jobs, so I decided to start doing standup.” Today, he headlines clubs across the country, and occasionally features for Christopher Titus and Steve Hofstetter. He’s also hoping to restart his YouTube series, Don’t Quit Your Night Job, in which he tries various vocations with hilarious results.