Andrea Gibson Coco Aramaki


Andrea Gibson

Nov. 27
7:30 p.m.
LGBTQ, Literary, Poetry

Andrea Gibson is the kind of poet who sends shivers down your spine. Whether in spoken-word form or on the page, Gibson doles out brutal truths wrapped in tender, beautiful verses. Gibson’s new book, Lord of the Butterflies, released by St. Paul-based publisher Button Poetry, is the author’s most vulnerable yet, featuring a mix of personal and political poetry. From the devastating “Ivy,” about visiting an ex’s new apartment, to “Orlando,” a grief-stricken meditation on the Pulse nightclub shooting, Gibson lays emotions bare but doesn’t indulge in hopelessness. Whip-smart Gibson rants about privilege in “White Feminism (Noun)” and gets real about hook-up culture in “Dear Tinder.” While Gibson could simply amuse with clever turns of phrase, the poet chooses to go deeper. Ultimately, these pieces are about saving your own life, claiming your identity, and becoming an activist for the voiceless.