An Horse

Although the Aussie indie-rock outfit An Horse consists only of guitarist/lead singer Kate Cooper and drummer/vocalist Damon Cox, the duo fires up a full, bristling sound peppered with abundant, ripe hooks. Cooper's sprawling, squally electric work stirs up a persistent, anthemic, ringing buzz that Cox propels into an infectious gallop, yielding shadowy power pop with an amiably punkish attitude. Cooper's relatively deliberate phrasing nicely contrasts with the more turbulent instrumental work, while her sinewy tone adds textural definition, particularly on "Dressed Sharply" and "Trains and Tracks" from AH's new sophomore release, Walls. She can also sound a bit plaintive on more acoustic songs like the title track. But either way, her musings about romantic travails are skewed just enough to make them consistently fresh. 18+.
Wed., June 29, 7 p.m., 2011

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