Amy Rice: Attest and Grow

There's something inexplicably happy about work by Amy Rice. Perhaps it's the youthful nostalgia that seeps into the canvas with bright, candy-colored paint. Perhaps it's the subject matter—she often draws on memories from her childhood, both whimsical and literal. Perhaps it's the sense of hope and brightness that she herself carries into her work as both an artist and as an arts advocate for adults with persistent mental illness. Regardless of specific reasons, all of these things should add up to one cheerful show at Gallery 122. Her artistic weapons of choice include stencils and paint—each series, be they bright blue birds and their baby chicks, childhood toys, or her niece and nephew at play, feature a series of stencils. Each painting includes a stencil repetition that maintains freshness, as its usage changes from piece to piece. Rice's first solo show in the Twin Cities since 2005, "Attest and Grow" will do just that—her work with stencils on canvas, wood, and other found objects continues, but this series also includes a branching out into functional objects as well.
Sept. 7-28, 2007

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