Amy Crickenberger Oeth; David Malcom Scott: Mindful Meander

This dual art show featuring work by Amy Crichenberger Oeth and David Malcolm Scott is a casual stroll through the beauty of the world and the mind. Scott's watercolors capture landscapes, from grasslands to oceans to urban settings, as if they were part of a dream, a memory that fades and intensifies in waves of autumnal gold, vibrant orange, and defiant red. Oeth's abstract watercolor collages explore the beauty of the mind in flashes of whimsy and childlike innocence: Squares with polka dots fly through the air over a sea of blues, golds, and browns. What a lovely world "Mindful" lives in. Artists' reception 7-11 p.m. Saturday, February 7.
Feb. 4-March 1, 2009

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