Amos Lee

Philly native Amos Lee is the kind of soul-folk singer and thoughtful songwriter whose delivery and songs alternately suggest the likes of John Prine, Bill Withers, James Taylor, and Al Green. His often yearning, raspy yowl etches tales of fractured love, hardscrabble pain and woe, and bittersweet survival. Lee's latest, Last Days at the Lodge (Blue Note), adds a dose of the blues and some hints of rock amid soul more oriented to Memphis than Pennsylvania. Fellow Quaker Stater Priscilla Ahn's breathy voice is pretty in the best sense of the word, a whispery, tone-pure instrument that matches the lilting folk-pop dominating her debut album, A Good Day (Blue Note). She can sound a little coy, especially when her lyrics flirt with girlish reveries. But interesting angles reveal themselves as the songs seep in, such as the hints of carnivalesque dissonance in "Astronaut" and her swirling multi-tracked vocals on "Red Cape."
Mon., Nov. 10, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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