Altas Sound

Experiencing Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel, the debut CD from Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox's Atlas Sound project, is a lot like wandering into a benignly psychedelic Candy Land blizzard or tumbling down an illuminated, kaleidoscopic mineshaft with no bottom. All control is relinquished to Cox's immersive, often outré armada of treated sonics, fluffed vocalisms, and a delightfully overcarbonated atmosphere. Sounds sorta similar to Deerhunter, but on his lonesome, Cox cuts out much of the dance-y pound and ornamental, Jolly Rancher noise that characterized Fluorescent Gray and Cryptograms; in their place is a floaty, almost Eno sense of amazement, as if these deep-soaking songs were as stunned by beauty as listeners can't help but be. "Gone are the days of wine and roses/They just make me nauseous now," he moans over the chugging, cavernous pulse of "Ativan"; in all likelihood, he spoke a few years too soon. With White Rainbow and Valet.
Sun., March 2, 9 p.m., 2008

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