Almost Homeless

Has our art scene grown more pessimistic and cynical over the past couple of years? One might think so based on this show at First Amendment Gallery. Two years ago, four muralists/painters on the brink of becoming established artists came together to create collaborative works. The show was dubbed "Almost Famous." Now, two years later, Eric Inkala, John Grider, Keiko Yagishita, and Isaac Arvold have re-formed to create new works. "Almost Homeless" may sound a little more hardened, sarcastic, and negative, but all four artists have certainly been busy, and continue to work. Inkala draws inspiration from the road, traveling with Rhymsayers Entertainment as the touring merchandise manager. MCAD grad and Japan transplant Yagishita still creates psychedelic works spun from screen-printed pet portraits. Grider has painted murals around the world, been featured in two books in France and Greece, and was deported from London (the true mark of an established artist is getting thrown out of a country). Isaac Arvold rounds out the quartet; his bright paintings continue to haunt the mind as much as they electrify the eye. Together, the artists will create a number of 12" x 12" paintings that will surely have homes at the end of the show. Opening reception 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
March 28-April 21, 2009

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