Alison Hiltner; Suzy Greenberg: Pathological

Though the word "pathological" has many negative connotations, that doesn't mean this show will be dark. In fact, there probably will be light. Through a collaborative installation, local artists Alison Hiltner and Suzy Greenberg plan to examine the expansive frontier of the mind: our irrational fears and misinterpretations of human psychology. Hiltner's past works have featured inflatables that use light to create objects reminiscent of a magical underwater world, or a trip through an anatomy or molecular model. Greenberg, the founder and curator of Uptown's Soo Visual Arts Center, creates intricately detailed sculpture and art. Opening reception 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday, April 5.
April 5-27, 2008

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