Alingon Mitra

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8 p.m.
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Since we last spoke to comedian Alingon Mitra, the Boston native has moved from New York City to L.A. and back again. “I was writing for a couple of TV shows,” he says. “So I was in L.A., but I moved back to New York City when I was offered a job on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.” Since moving on from that project, Mitra has become focused on standup. “Now that I’m not writing for TV, I think my set has gone back to the way I had worked it before, where anything I think is funny that goes through my head I’ll try and turn into material.” Mitra is looking forward to being in front of audiences across the country. “I really want to hone my voice through standup, because that’s where I feel most comfortable,” he states. “I want to build up my skills by getting up as much as I can and performing.” 18+.