Ali Sultan Dena Denny


Ali Sultan (Album Release Party)

May 25
8 p.m.

It’s been nearly six years since Ali Sultan won Acme Comedy Co.’s Funniest Person Contest. Since then, he’s made multiple television appearances, headlined all over the Twin Cities, traveled to Dubai to perform for Comedy Central Arabia, and started a fascinating podcast with his mom. But for all of his accomplishments, he’s never released a proper comedy album. This weekend, that changes with the release of his debut album, Happy to Be Here. “Great albums have always been an important part of comedy,” Sultan says. “Every great comedian has a story about buying their first album or being given an album from someone else. It’s really saturated now, but I wanted to respect the tradition.” The album was recorded at Sisyphus earlier this year and is packed with Sultan’s best material along with some unique twists. “I had my mother introduce me to the stage, and I also tried a brand new joke to close, which is something nobody does on an album.” For the release show this Saturday, Sultan has hand selected an incredible group of comics, including Greg Coleman, Ahmed Khalaf, and Ashli Henderson. The man of the hour says he believes the show and album are both reflective of where he is today as a performer. “This is a body of work that I’m comfortable to show everybody,” he says. “It says that I’m here and this is just the beginning.”