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Ali Siddiq

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Some comedians started as the funniest person in school, or as a cut-up on the job. Ali Siddiq was the funniest guy in the Texas state penitentiary system. While serving six years of a 15-year sentence for drug trafficking, he entertained his fellow inmates by re-enacting entire sitcom episodes and commenting on life in prison. “I knew comedy was what I was going to do when I came out,” he says. “I had no desire to do anything else.” His fellow inmates knew that was his destiny as well. Now a headlining comic with several TV credits, he laments how the rest of the entertainment world sometimes views standup comedy. “Comedy is underrated in people’s minds,” he says. “Most award shows are for other things, but they are hosted by comics. A lot of comedy is written behind the scenes, so comedy gets a bum rap. There’s no real comedy award unless you’re on TV or in a movie.” He elaborates: “The craft of being a comic is taking a story people aren’t familiar with, adding your humor and flavor, and making the audience live in the story and laugh about it the same way you do.”