Alexa Horochowski: Cloud Cave

Minneapolis artist Alexa Horochowski is an ardent re-contextualist. Found everyday objects, materials like metal and paint, and the meanings we associate with place or space are upended and reconfigured in her work with theatrical resonance. Small yet intricately detailed bronze ships sit beached on a gallery floor, water pooling silently around them. A contraption of feather-light poles rises briskly from the floor, an architecture of the slightest memory. A slab of tree bark rests uneasily across a wood pallet, like skin over reconstituted bones. In her new show, "Cloud Cave," at the Burnet Gallery, Horochowski uses the exhibition space to lend new meanings to her eerie objects, transforming gallery into terrain and sculpture into landscapes where imagination runs free.
May 6-July 4, 2011

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