Alex Kuno: Springtime Follies

Some say that there is nothing more brutal than childhood, and that no one is more cruel than children. Alex Kuno is most likely in agreement. His paintings are filled with wide-eyed youths, their cheeks rosy, their frames small. However, this is not your typical bedtime story for kiddies (unless you're into those of the Grimm variety). In Kuno's world, children wear bunny suits with fresh stab wounds, take to the streams to escape from an arrow attack, and lurk behind trees while wielding knives. "Springtime Follies" is part of an ongoing series Kuno refers to as "the miscreants of Tiny Town," and its story certainly walks an interesting line between innocence and savagery. Check out this chapter before it closes Sunday.
June 5-July 26, 2009

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